Northshore Games 2017

This past weekend I attended my second RX partner CrossFit competition, this time with a co-ed team. My partner and I went into the event knowing that we wouldn’t place in the top 10, and we were ok with that. We truly were just going because we love competing and wanted to have a good time. This event did not disappoint! Since it took place on Veteran’s Day, all but one of the WODs were Hero WODs (which are my favorites to do anyway!)

Our first event was the thruster ladder. I’m so glad this was our first WOD because I really, truly, deeply, and passionately HATE thrusters. We did not do well on this one in practice and went into it not expecting much. In the end, we scored 5 bonus thrusters  (at 185#/135#) which was 3 more than our goal so I was happy! But I was even more excited to have that shit out of the way.

Note to self for future training: Thruster EMOMs will suck, but will make you better.

Second note to self for future training: Heavy thruster EMOMs will suck more, but will make you more better.


I was excited for the second event, “Morrison”. We’d practiced it and did well, and the movements were something that both my partner and I felt very comfortable with. This was the longest of all the WODs, lasting the full 10 minutes. We knew it was going to be an all out, balls to the wall (quite literally), no room for mistakes kind of deal. As far as how J and I did, I cannot complain about our performance at all. We pretty much kicked ass. The only thing that slowed us down was the equipment. I lost my grip on my wall ball a couple times because there was sand all over the floor which in turn got all over my ball. The boxes we were jumping on, while still meeting the 24″/20″ standard, were smaller than the full size 30″ boxes we have at our gym. Plus, the sandy gym floor was slick and our box wobbled like crazy! I had to put my full weight into holding the box so it didn’t flip out from under J, and it still did! We lost several precious seconds because of near falls. We got it done, not finishing anywhere close to where we wanted to, but that was the hand we dealt so we played it. Our score was 360 reps (finished the 30 box jumps.)


Third event was the floater WOD which was a variation of “Griff”. We took turns running 400m forward with a 75#/50# sandbag, then took turns running 200m backwards without a sandbag. The floater WOD wasn’t announced until that morning, so, yeah, never really trained for anything like this! It took us 3:01 which was enough to drop us WAAAAAY down the board. I’ll admit that the lag was pretty much all me. On the second lap of the forward run it felt like the sandbag was crushing me and I couldn’t breathe which mentally jacked me up. Also thought I was running backwards a lot faster than I was which was kinda disappointing. But overall, it was an interesting WOD and again, had no room for error.


The final WOD was the one I was looking forward to most, “Josh”. We knew that no matter how we scored, we weren’t going to drastically effect our final standings so we just had fun! I was able to relax a bit and hit all of my overhead squats, and I have to admit that my butterfly chest to bars were on point! J kicked some major ass too, busting out his first round of c2b like they were nothing. We finished in 4:04.


Team “Slightly Above Average” didn’t quite live up to our name, finishing 25th out of 34 teams. But I could not be prouder of my partner and all the hard work and encouragement he gave to me and this competition. We’re teaming up again for WODi Gras in January and I’m stoked! I’m proud of myself and my body for not breaking down in its old age and for doing almost everything I asked it to do. I know my weaknesses, I know my strengths, and now I just need to figure out the best training strategy to make to the top 10 next time.


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