Blood & Blisters: The First Lesson Learned from 600 Double Unders

Some lessons take longer to learn than others. This one took exactly one minute. WEAR SOCKS!

After the first minute of double unders, I could feel the blister forming on the bottom of my big toe. No, I didn’t stop the WOD to get socks. I totally could have, and in hindsight should have, but I didn’t. I’ll admit it was interesting anazlyzing the effect the sore toe had on my jump, but I should have been focusing on effective jumping as opposed to avoiding painful landings. Ah well. I knocked out almost 400 in the WOD, so I decided to keep going and hit 500. Then I figured…what’s another 100? Finished with a grand total of 600 for the day. Got done and there was blood trickling down my shin. Don’t remember a specific lashing that felt particularly painful…there were so many to choose from! The concrete driveway is gonna do a number on the plastic casing around my rope, which will probably in turn do a number on my legs. Gonna be good times!

Day 4 of the RPM Training 10k November challenge. Sitting at 800/10,000 double unders. If you’re looking to improve your jump rope skills, definitely head over and sign up for the challenge!

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